Dorrigo Life


Dorrigo is a rural community, funded primarily by potatoes and cattle, sitting on a plateau fifty kilometres inland from the Pacific Ocean. The soil is rich, red and deep, the climate is friendly forty-six weeks of the year and the people are kind. There are the same challenges faced by any community, yet there is a buoyancy of spirit and a deep courage to be found in this place. The inspiration of crows-feet smiles and paddock-muddied boots in the face of too little rain for too long is easy to see as you walk down the street.
Some people avoid Dorrigo because of the drive up the mountain, the vision-impairing bends, the occasional exposure to uncertain edges, the narrowing of the way. This drive has become one of my favourite things; a metaphor for risk and reward…just like the people that populate the town where the mountain ends and the plateau begins.
My husband, John Woolhouse, pastors the Dorrigo LifeSprings Church and I am particularly happy that our life together has brought us here.

This blog is about the Kingdom of God, found in all places at all times and where there are geographies of risk and reward that reflect the nature of its King. . I am expecting extravagant  amounts of personal enjoyment in exploring this landscape.

4 thoughts on “Dorrigo Life

  1. Well said Laurell. I look forward to hearing more. We will take a weekend off one day soon and come for a visit I hope.

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