Come Away my Beloved

dancing against the dark

For Mother’s day 2014, one of my four daughters gave me “Come away My Beloved” by Francis J Roberts, a devotional on The Song of Songs. This,from the preface,has framed this series of reflections.”He who knows you by name and understands your deepest longings will speak to your heart from these pages,shutting out the world about you and bringing you into fellowship with Himself” FJR

day 1 The Call of Love

He spoke to my heart and said “My love for you is at all times as flame of fire…..lay thy head upon My breast and lose thyself in Me”


Dancing against the dark

This fire by night
This burning bush
This flaming living Love has found me in the pause between this and that.

The fire roars and dances against the dark.
Warm and bright, fierce and true.
The heat of His love melts me and
we become one, dancing against the dark”

Prophetic Artwork by Ineke Hopgood

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