I will meet Him on the mountain of Myrrh



smeared-sunset-matt-molloyphoto credit Matt Molloy

“Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away, I will get me to the mountain of myrrh… to Him whom my soul adores”(Song of Solomon 4:6) and sing songs that awaken the dawn….

At this moment, sitting in this chair, typing these words, I can be with Him in that place where we meet, our place…just us two. Breathing in His sweetness , I am able to release the day and let it slip through my fingers. This is one reality of the  spiritual geographies we make with Jesus. The steps of the dance and the words of ‘our’ song.

These moments of heart to heart connection with my Lord keep me until that day when the Day does dawn and

I will meet Him
On the Mountains of Myrrh
Where the waters are sweet with the taste of His goodness
And wild, with the abandon of His grace
Where the meadows are rich bounty
And soft comfort
Where the Light pierces truly
And the Sword cuts swiftly
As He comes to meet me and His word is the exquisite fragrance
Of His whisper in my ear
As we dance together in the gathering dawn
And Love runs,
Swift and sure and forever.

One thought on “I will meet Him on the mountain of Myrrh

  1. Isn’t it good that we don’t even have to be at any special place to meet with Him. We can meet Him and talk to Him anywhere at all.

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