Your will be done…..

listening to the sea   My mum  met Christ when I was a twenty-something  antagonist of anyone who said ‘praise the Lord’, and, most particularly, ‘Lord willing’. Hackles would rise and my inner commando would rise and let fly manifestos against shackles of the mind and restrictions to personal freedoms. Here I am , forty odd years later, and the two words that have emerged as words to live by are …Lord willing. I would be happily rambling on about our family plans and mum would gently, but firmly, interrupt and say “Lord willing dear.” This would drive me bananas and my answer would invariably include all possible variations  of “God gave me a brain.” Which He did, and which is in the process of being renewed by His word so I can know what is His good and pleasant will.  Jesus said “I do nothing on My own initiative, but I speak these things as the Father taught Me.”  (John 8:28) and “Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, unless it is something He sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does, these things the Son also does in like manner.”  (John 5:19) I have learned that ‘hupakoe’, Greek for obedient, comes from ‘hupa’ meaning about or under and ‘akouo’ with meanings of hearing, listening and giving heed to. Even Jesus, ‘although He was a Son,  learned obedience ….. ‘ Hebrews 5:8. For me this has come to mean being under the authority of what I hear the Father saying to me, giving heed to those things and living out what He has revealed to me. “I will run after You with all my heart for You will make me Your obedient one” Psalm 119:32 the Passion Translation Papa God, I choose to listen to You. Make me a listening one. Mum will be very happy when I tell her how her quiet insistence  on giving over all our plans into His hands has changed how I now live.

3 thoughts on “Your will be done…..

  1. It sounds like we are of the same generation. Pride kept me from submitting to the will of the Savior for so many years. It still amazes me how I was found and saved from my own foolishness, and how the words that I once cringed at are now precious and hope giving.

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