The depths of us will be broken open……


VG middle earth

The heavens were opened and the fountains of the great deep were broken up once before in the history of this earth. An ending and a beginning. Before each of us see Him, face to face, breath to breath…we have the opportunity to share in covering the earth with the glory of the Lord.

Sometimes it feels like the  rivers of living water that flow from our innermost beings are intermittent, inconsistent and unpredictable, disappearing when we need them most when faced with the insoluble difficulties of life. Yet our hope is in Christ. His “the Voice to the voice of the waters of your fountains” (Psalm 42:7 Aramaic Bible.) The fountains in our depths that can be broken open “by His knowledge” (Proverbs 3:20) Whatever the hindrances may be, and we can all fill in the blanks here, nothing can withstand the power of the Holy Spirit if we allow Him to have His way. Steve Furtick from Elevator Church in North Carolina said something while at Hillsong Australia this year that, though not new, has lodged itself in my heart. “God won’t do the work for us until He has done the work in us.” When we surrender and embrace the ending of ourselves, we can look forward the our new beginnings in the power of His Spirit.

The depths of us will be broken open by the power of the Spirit as the heavens pour down upon us love, grace, mercy, and power and out of our innermost beings will flow rivers of Life and the whole earth will be filled with His glory.

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