“O Captain! my Captain!” Hebrews 2:10


rough sea good sailor

I loved watching ‘Dead Poets Society” for the first time. Having observed it numerous times since as a High School English teacher, the glamour has dimmed, but a few images are still  potent…Walt Whitman as the “sweaty-toothed madman” and the subsequent reference to Abraham Lincoln as the captain who sees his crew safely home yet dies in the attempt.

“O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won”
If you have seen the movie you will remember Ethan Hawke as the first to stand up and pledge allegiance to his ‘captain’.
What prize did those boys win? I think it was their integrity and courage in a rough sea.

Every one I have heard of who has sailed solo around the world did not train exclusively in calm waters or reject the wisdom of those who had gone before them. Jesus is my Captain. He  is our prize, our coach , our encourager, our support, our chart, and our compass. He is our spiritual rations, the bread of heaven and the water of life. We will weather every trial and storm because Jesus knows the waters we sail in very well. He is and always will be the Captain and unlike all others, death could not hold Him down…it can’t hold you down either.

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