Dorrigo Life


let's help each other shine


Walking up the main street of Dorrigo a few days ago, I crossed paths with a friend I  hadn’t seen for a while.  We were just chatting about things that happen and changes that come and she said something that had me scrabbling around the bottom of my bag for a pen.  She is one of the reasons I love this community; a transitional place between ocean and hinterland, with a crispness in the air that corresponds to a keen conversational habit of getting to the point.

“In any community it is our responsibility to help each other shine, and that’s all.” Fran

All I can say is ‘amen to that’ . To build up and not tear down, to encourage and not douse a flicker of hope, to be the spit and polish for someone who fell over and got a bit grubby and not the tar and feathers that stick and hurt like blazes to get rid of, to be a solution and not a problem.



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