Give us this day our daily bread

looking into glory_npainting by Ineke Hopgood

” give us this day our daily bread”…the answer to this request will always be yes. I don’t know why I don’t ask every day. Given the picture we have of maggoty manna, my only response can be “silly me!” Existence is sustained by Him; good physical growth comes from good food, clean water, fresh air. How much more then do we have in Jesus for our spiritual health : He is the best Bread of Heaven, broken open for us, the purist Living Water flowing from the Source of all things, the freshest Breath of the Almighty invigorating us as we breathe Him in and He increases our capacity for always more. Give me these things daily my Father of all delights and surpassing glory …my daily Bread , my daily Jesus, my moment by moment eternal weight of Glory. His answer is already there. Yes, I will.

One thought on “Give us this day our daily bread

  1. Every word in this post is from the Holy Spirit.He sustains us each day by His Bread of life and Living water. He is our Source. Chezza.

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