Living in Dorrigo

cropped-jacaranda.jpgLiving in Dorrigo has proved to be even more delightful than I had anticipated . The sky seems closer, the trees more alive, the soil more generous. The air is consistently keener and sharpens me nicely. Winter has just begun, but like elsewhere, day to day predictions are untrustworthy. Most days are a  gloriously crispy blue and the waterlogged ones have the comforts of work, fires and friendships to compensate.

DSC_1555 The landscape is broad, with lane-ways and country roads that take you into hidden valleys and surprising finds.

DSC_1389 Like this gate; obviously loved, apparently leading no-where, but nevertheless being there, joyous.

The skies are miracles



and the bush



and the beach

DSC_1283  are not too far away


DSC_0934 and even three day old nasturtium culls look good.


The path that brought us here, unexpected and difficult at first, has become a path of peace.


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