love , co-operation and hope.

Dorrigo Christians working together

This is another reason I love living In Dorrigo, a small rural community on the east coast of Australia. The majority of the believers in each of the  faith communities that follow Jesus are committed to His words “by this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:3

This love and co-operation between the churches is a hope that has taken root and is now growing in the hearts of those who love Him. A  banner of love that has been raised over this community and we will not take it down.

dorrigo sunrise

Sunrise over Dorrigo…as I look to the east I expect His coming …every day with His mercy and hope, correction and joy. There is a day coming that will have no end.


“If one chooses to split the two words as מרנא תא (maranâ thâ), a vocative concept with an imperative verb, then it can be translated as a command to the Lord to come. On the other hand, if one decides that the two words מרן אתא (maran ‘athâ), a possessive “Our Lord” and a perfect/preterite verb “has come,” are actually more warranted, then it would be seen as a credal expression. ” 

Jesus has come, He is ever present and He will, in all His glory, come again.

In the mean time….. His people, gathering together in all possible ways, at all possible times, standing on the foundation laid by Christ, are fueled by the fire from our God, Whose heart burns with desire for a world He loves and a Bride He died for.

fire under the church

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